Small Business Coaching

You come first. That’s the guiding principle of Stevens.

We don’t just broker insurance for you based on what it says on a sheet of paper. Rather, we believe Perhaps starting a company was a deliberate decision born of much soul-searching. Or maybe you fell into it by default. Either way, you’re now on the path of small business ownership. And it’s a distinct path with distinct challenges.

We know because we’re walking it, too.

That’s how we know that it’s easy to fall into the trap of spending all of your time working in your business, instead of on your business. For example, do you ever feel like you have created merely a job instead of a dream business?

We know that when you’re the boss, you’re accountable for everything—from managing the brand to managing the cash flow to managing your people. We know that as empowering as this is, it’s also challenging, because being entangled in the day-to-day can mean losing track of the larger view. You often don’t notice a fork in the path until it’s behind you.

And that does not feel empowering: it feels frustrating.

Coaching to Take Your Business to the Next Level
That’s why Stevens has created Small Business Coaching services. Led by Jodi Stevens, a CPA with 20+ years of professional experience across a range of industries, our coaching services are tailored for business owners just like you: accomplished, motivated people who want to shape a clear path and take their company to the next level.

We’re not consultants who will simply tell you what to do. Each coaching session is different and unique to you. Our coaching services are not just about tax planning or running cash flow reports. We delve deep into your business, to the core of what your business is about and how you’re running it.

In your coaching sessions, we will tackle things such as:

  • Business planning (both short term and long term)
  • Business-building strategies (from traditional to guerilla marketing)
  • How to analyze—and then use—the raw data of your business
  • Getting clarity around your big vision/goals for your business
  • How to transition your company to a business that runs without you

We currently have two different Small Business Coaching packages.

The Three-Session Introductory Package
The three-session package is perfect for business owners who have a specific need, or are looking to get clarity about a specific aspect of their business. It’s also ideal for business owners who want to try out Small Business Coaching, and get a taste of how it can help.

  • Three 60-minute phone sessions, every other week.
  • A strategic focus on analyzing where you are today in comparison to your goals.
  • High-level financial statement discussion to determine the current healthiness of your business.
  • Obtainable goal-setting to jump-start your next quarter of business success.

The Three-Month Package
The three-month package is for business owners who want to roll up their sleeves and spend some time really working on their business (and be held accountable for it). By spending three months with you, we get the chance to know your business, and to help you tackle your challenges—both for the long-term and the short-term.

  • One 60-minute strategy session to map out and structure your coaching program.
  • Six 60-minute sessions (sessions held twice a month)
  • Assistance in setting your “intentional” goals for your business for the next quarter, next six months, next year, and next three years.
  • Evaluation of financial projections and budgets.
  • Business entity structure discussion (to help you determine if yours is right for you)
  • Accountability partner to keep you laser-focused on your end results.

We also have customized packages that we can create, based on a specific need that you have.

Is our Small Business Coaching the answer for everyone? Not necessarily. You may not be in the right place with your business to truly benefit from our programs. We want your coaching experience to be as fruitful and positive as possible, right from the start. That’s why we always offer a no-cost 30-minute consultation. That way, we can both see if Stevens Small Business Coaching is the right fit for your business.

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