Accounting & Analysis

Balancing the books is math. But analyzing the books is strategy. And math without strategy won’t help you grow.

That’s why Stevens wants to help our small business clients excel at both the clerical stuff (managing your data), and the analysis (figuring out patterns so you can make projections, learn where you can be more efficient, and increase profits). Our personalized approach has earned us the Endorsed Local Provider distinction from Dave Ramsey.

We don’t believe anything about your accounting should be haphazard: it all matters. That’s why we specialize in using QuickBooks—a software that’s built to help business owners and accountants master both the clerical and the analysis parts of the accounting process.

We customize specific programs for our clients in several ways:

  • The DIY Approach. You purchase QuickBooks, and Stevens sets the entire thing up for you . We assign a custom chart of accounts, set up invoices with logos, and set up bank accounts, vendors, customers, and payroll (if needed). We train you how to enter, track, and reconcile your data. Although you run the program completely on your own, we offer scheduled monthly, quarterly, or annual tune-ups, where we review your data and make changes to keep the file compliant with accounting standards. This helps prepare you for your tax return so there are no surprises.
  • The Hosted Approach. Stevens acts as your in-house accounting department, managing either some or all the details of your QuickBooks. We host it on our system or online, enter all of your information, and prepare financial statements. With our advanced hosting, we can even take care of bill payment. This is ideal for mature business owners who no longer have time to manage their accounting themselves, but don’t want to hire someone full-time.
  • The CFO Approach. Stevens looks over the shoulder of your office manager/bookkeeper, steering them through the daily tasks. We manage this area of your business so you don’t have to. As your CFO, we help develop processes and controls to keep your financials secure. This includes having quarterly planning sessions to play back what is working and not working in your financials. We are your financial resource and safety net.

Why Analyze?

Your books aren’t just material for your tax return: it’s raw data that can help you take your company to the next level. Analyzing your books can help increase your cash flow, generate ideas for marketing, and even get you thinking about new products and services you can offer.

  • Projections. We look at historical data to get a sense of the trends and opportunities in your business. We use this information to make projections about revenue and expenses each quarter.
  • Budgeting. Using historical data also helps you to set the cash flow for your budget. We can help you adjust and develop your budget so that you can better manage non-routine cash inflow and outflow that arise from day to day activities.
  • Trend Analysis. We use the financial reports on Quick Books to the fullest so that we can help you determine return-on-investment, revenue stream profitability, expense evaluation, and much more. We will help you look at your business in a more strategic way, and help you figure out how to take it to the next level.

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